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3D Projection Mapping - The Infinite Twilight Zone? - Off The Wall Events

3D Projection Mapping – The Infinite Twilight Zone?


If a picture paints a thousand words, can you imagine how many words an elusive video can paint? Traditionally, video has been used in the events industry to creatively compile presentations and share them dynamically at large conferences and gatherings. Other uses have included amplifying of video footage of guest speakers and entertainers onto large screens so all event attendees can participate in the magnificent experience.

Delivering an engaging experience for your event guests still requires quality projectors with globes in good condition, professional cameramen and unblemished screens. However, advancements in video production have opened new doors for event specialists. The introduction of HD video, recent developments in LED and the revolutionary 3D projection mapping allows for the creation of dynamic displays, enhanced interactive experiences and the magic of optical illusion.

LED screens are now available in multiple formats ranging from tiles and flexible pieces to large HD screens that can be custom built to suit any shape or size.

What Is 3D Projection Mapping?

Some refer to it as spatial augmented reality.  This is a technical terms for a projection technology that is used to turn objects which are often irregularly shaped into a display surface for video projection. The image is created to eliminate the stretch and distortion that would previously have been apparent, opening the doors for visuals that are as creative as one’s imagination. The objects may include buildings and any industrial landscape.

With specialised software, a two or three dimensional object is spatially mapped on the virtual program which mimics the real environment it is to be projected on. Images can be projected onto unusually oblique objects such as intricate buildings. 3D Projection Mapping involves creating projection images for three dimensional surfaces such as spheres and cubes.

These technologies are being widely used in the most versatile environments with the creation of visuals and the manipulation of images moving ahead in giant strides. Visual designers typically combine state of the art effects with the latest lighting technology to create wild sensory experiences. Such opportunities open the door to unshrinking imaginative pursuits, allowing creatives to splash video onto basically any canvas– from walls, stairs and pillars….to stages, dance floors and industrial buildings.

Just think of the possibilities – bubbling waterfalls cascading down staircases, pillars ignited with blazing fire, a haunted house with translucent lighting and creepy ghouls or the ever interchangeable backdrops on a stage. This is just scraping the surface of the many possibilities afforded by one’s imagination. We haven’t even touched on branding – a whole new dimension with its own untapped potential.

Describing these advances will never do justice to the effects possible. Best you check out the video links below and see the magic for yourself!!

LED Staircase

Merging The Real With The Surreal – This Video Is Shot In One Take With No Post Production:  Part 1

Merging The Real With The Surreal – This Video Is Shot In One Take With No Post Production:  Part 2

3D Video Mapping Product Launch

Anteprima Moda Projection Mapping 3D (Director’s Cut)

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