OTWE CEO Stuart Fraser speaker @ All Africa Events Confex

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Stats in the Life of An Event Co-ordinator

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The Nemisa e-Skils Summit and Knowledge for Innovation Colloquium 2018

The Nemisa e-Skils Summit and Knowledge for Innovation Colloquium 2018 at The Arena, Tsogo Sun Casino Emnotweni in Mbombela 250 delegates, three days. 5 Star Review :- Victoria Moliehi Tau  – “ you give them the brief and they personalise it and make it an exceptional event.” ferginaкупить икону в интернетграмблеркошелек недорогойcatdog.xyzRecom

Democratic Alliance 2018 Federal Congress 7,8 April

Democratic Alliance 2018 Federal Congress, the largest Congress in the DA's history Tshwane Centre, 2500 delegates over two days.  online advertising networkbrparamonovgeolocationкупить поплавочную удочкуrecom украинашторы лен купить украина

Cell C Annual CEO Awards

Artistic Impressions Off The Wall Events; from client presentation ‘artistic impressions’, to delivery…this is how we do it. Facilitating immersive and sensorial complexity experiences "In this rapidly-evolving industry OTWE are always looking for ways to create the ‘Next Big Thing’, for our clients and events. It is said that content is king, but a king cannot stand alone. We take up and embrace, with great creative bravely, the challenge to translate content which engages, making our clients and audiences feel like they are the chosen ones. Ideas and the delivery thereof are changing...

Small Event Budget? Get Smarter About Your Design Choices

Anyone can produce a killer event with an unlimited budget, but it takes a real pro to be smart and creative with limited funds. I’ve judged a number of event-industry awards contests over the years, and invariably, when it came to visual categories like “Best Décor” or “Best Use of Lighting,” I was always far more impressed with event professionals who could stretch a budget and produce a stunning event with limited means. The first step in cost-effective event design is to expand the concept of event design to include not just the flowers, lights, lounge furniture and other typical...

Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your Event

You might be asking yourself: Why be social at events in the first place? Don’t I already have enough to do? Social media can play an important role at any type of event – whether it’s tradeshows or even webinars – and can help you achieve a variety of different goals. For those who are dubious about social media, there are many benefits to creating a social media strategy for your next event. Using a variety of channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog and Facebook, you can attract customers to your booth, potentially drive sales, increase interest in what you actually do, and get people...

Seven tips for incorporating social media into your event

              Events provide a great opportunity to promote your business and build brand awareness. Incorporating social media into your event can provide key insights about your attendees’ social media behaviour and content topics that spark their attention. Here are some tips to help you on your way… Before the event: 1. Create a hashtag for your event The hashtag should be visible on your event website and you can even consider showing a glimpse of the tweet stream on your home page. Include the hashtag on all promotional material, brochures,...

Eight ways to plan a budget-friendly event

It’s easy to plan a killer event when you have unlimited funds, but what do you do when you find yourself with a smaller budget than you expected? Is it possible to plan a memorable event without breaking the bank? The answer is YES! Here are some clever ideas for saving money that will not detract from the awesomeness of your event … 1. Know your budget When you know exactly what you have to spend, you can plan smartly. Instead of fighting your budget, embrace it and work with what you have. Setting baseline limits on categories like venue, décor, catering, speakers, marketing, etc. will...

Sound equipment simplified

  The band you have chosen for your performance might rock and the speakers you have lined up may offer life changing insights but, without the right sound equipment, no one will ever know it. It is easy to become discombobulated when sound engineers start throwing around technical terms, but the following descriptions should give you a sound understanding of the basic equipment required for any event. Microphones: A microphone (also called a mike) converts the sound of a voice or an instrument into electronic signals, which are then sent to an amplifier or effects box. Amplifiers Amplifiers...