Enhance Event Participation Through Intelligent Lighting


The secret of a memorable event is simple: the organisers have dedicated attention to detail to every event facet. We’re going to turn up the heat and take a glimpse into how your lighting is a key component that provides a clear and visible focal point to create a magical atmosphere.

LED Technology – A Lighting Experience

Let’s first take a look at LED screens and how they can enhance your indoor and outdoor events. Today’s LED screens are capable of very impressive graphics and visual effects. To get the best results from your LED screen experience, it’s best to seek the services of a Visual Engineer who will ensure that your LED screen presentation is a magnificent visual feast.

Ideally, for indoor events, the resolution of your LED screen should be higher than at outdoor events. If your resolution is higher, your guests will be able to stand closer to the screen while the event is in progress. On the flip side, if you’re catering to the masses at a large scale outdoor event, it’s better to use a lower resolution screen as your audience will tend to stand further away from the screen.

Higher resolution screens are generally more expensive which means you’ll have to reach a compromise between the quality of the LED screen you hire and the price you pay in the end. As event equipment uses a considerable amount of electricity, the same rule applies to LED screens, although the latest models are more power efficient. Be aware of these three factors affecting electricity usage when hiring an LED screen:

1.      Size

2.      Resolution

3.      Brightness

LED technology has transformed the event industry in just a few short years. It has also created a massive blurring of the lines between video and lighting, with video being used extensively to enhance a lighting experience.

Modern Lighting

Event lighting technology is advancing at a fast rate becoming entirely computerised and extremely high tech.

Modern lighting is tricky because if you don’t apply imaginative programming, it’s virtually an empty shell. There are two areas where you can save on costs with your lighting:

1.      The Design of the Rig and the Positioning of the Lights

There are companies out there who are simply more interested in making your event a success by making a higher contribution. These types of companies are usually the ones who won’t charge you a separate cost for the design and positioning of your lights.

As event management specialists, we have excellent long-term partnerships with the industry’s leading sound and lighting technicians who provide us with cutting edge technology solutions when it comes to illuminating and adding more scope to your event.

2.      Programming of the Lights

This responsibility is sometimes undervalued but is a crucial element in creating an intangible event atmosphere which takes time and creativity. A massive rig will appear dull and unnoticeable if an engineer only has a few hours to programme it before show time. In the same breath, a small rig can look like a million bucks if there is plenty of time to programme it creatively.  

An experienced lighting technician has the ability to transform good lighting into great lighting. This not only enhances the entertainment and the professionalism of the whole event but also improves how guests participate with your multi-faceted event components – speakers, entertainment, informative content and interaction with other guests. The more your guests are enjoying themselves, the more likely they will share their event experience with friends, family and co-workers.

Intelligent lighting is there to set the mood for your event theme. It also motivates guests to actively participate in your event so that there’s a vibrant atmosphere which adds personality and flair to your brand. Don’t compromise on this important element: it could just make or break your next event.