Make them glad they attended

Nothing can bring your brand to life quite like a red-hot corporate event. Conversely, there’s no quicker way to damage your brand than through a dud event. Put simply, you’re only as good as your last event. Allow us to make you look good, and make your guests glad they came. Specializing in the design, implementation and management of world-class corporate events, our multi-disciplined team’s range of experience and unusual passion for our craft allows us to offer a complete eventing service – from first space booker to final curtain call.

Event Management

Creating events that offer the hosts real value for money, and yet still succeed in blowing the attendees away, is a rare art form. It’s one we’ve spent over a decade perfecting.

Specializing in the design, implementation and management of world-class corporate events, our hands-on approach allows us to carry out your event flawlessly, whilst remaining flexible and connected enough to make any on-the-fly changes that might need to be made.

We can offer our services and advice on all facets of planning and managing events. Including:
• Conceptualizing the event theme/focus
• Sourcing venues
• Invitations, printing and gifts
• Travel arrangements
• Sourcing and overseeing entertainment
• Décor and/or stage requirements
• Technical oversight: Sound, lighting and/or audio visual


To truly blow your guests away, your choice of entertainment is critical. Make sure performers are not only top notch, but right for the event and audience. It’s always tempting to opt for personal style preferences but if you do so, your event may not feel integrated. And it probably won’t resonate with the guests. Having been involved in the music industry for thirty years, we offer advice on the correct style of performer as well as attesting to their professionalism and reliability.

Technical oversight

It’s all very well having an emotive song item as the pinnacle of your evening, but if the bass doesn’t hit your chest, if the pitch isn’t perfect, if the lighting is too harsh, if the multimedia has a glitch, if just one of these small, often technical aspects is not up to scratch, you’ll lose the moment entirely.

Your choice of partners in technical and special effects (including sound and lighting technicians) is paramount to success. Fail to hit the mark in this area, and your whole event will suffer. We only work with well-qualified and professional engineers, using the best equipment available.

Conferences and Seminars

It takes real skill to successfully plan a once-off gala dinner, but what about events that run into days and multiple dinners? The level of planning and complexity quadruples. We’ve helped many of our clients with such events. Judging by the fact that people don’t want to leave at the end, and that our clients keep using our services year in and year out, we’re ready to take your conference to the next level too.

From the sourcing of venues and accommodation to the booking of the appropriate speakers, right down to a seamless registration process and the impeccable organization of all the connected social events, we will ensure the entire experience is as stress-free and worthwhile for you, as it is for your delegates.яркий макияж для карих глазлобановский политикwedding dress made in usaстеклянная посуда для плитыТОВ РЕКОМтеплоизоляция