Seven tips for incorporating social media into your event









Events provide a great opportunity to promote your business and build brand awareness. Incorporating social media into your event can provide key insights about your attendees’ social media behaviour and content topics that spark their attention. Here are some tips to help you on your way…

Before the event:

1. Create a hashtag for your event

The hashtag should be visible on your event website and you can even consider showing a glimpse of the tweet stream on your home page. Include the hashtag on all promotional material, brochures, slides, etc. to ensure that attendees can immediately identify how to tweet about your event.

2.  Pre-populate the hashtag stream

Use content from your own blog, keynote speakers and sponsors that attendees might find relevant. If you can start them off with interesting content, they’ll be more likely to engage with the hashtag later on.

3. Ask open-ended questions in your tweets

This will encourage attendees to respond to your tweets. You can also use it as a way to gauge interest in the event and to take surveys regarding what should be featured, etc.


During the event:

4. Alert them

Remind attendees to check into your event and to share about it on social media channels. This can be as basic as having the MC make an announcement or incorporating call-to-actions into event signage.

5. Have a social media command centre

While attendees at your event are posting on various social media channels, it is up to you and your event team to be responsive to them. Having a few dedicated people to manage the social media channels, especially as they may be getting more attention than usual, is very important.

6. Create social sharing incentives

Use gamification techniques. Maybe the person with the most retweets gets a special meeting with a keynote presenter or a free pass for next year – whatever it might be make it interesting and enticing enough to inspire competition.


After the event:

7. Keep connections going

Encourage attendees to keep the spirit alive by using the hashtag even after the event’s close and in preparation for next year’s event. You can send out a post-event survey to find out how you did or ask them to tweet your event highlights and suggestions for next year.


Social media can be very powerful when correctly leveraged at events. It can accelerate the popularity of your event, while creating a more positive experience for your attendees.